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We are a world class provider of innovative logistics and supply chain services and solutions.

Reduce risk

Reduce your risk of industry related fines and penalties through our logistics management platform

Operational streamlining

Streamline your logistics with one stop shop for all documentation relating to custom and trade

Single Platform

Manage all information with one interface

The future of petroleum logistics

We Provide advanced customer specific solutions through our value creating services and IT platforms in supply chain management.Our comprehensive service network and systems will allow you to make all the right moves for your business.

Tools to reskill
for the future

Our intuitive suite of petroleum logistics cloud solutions provide you with the right tools for the right job. Allowing you to tackle contemporary challenges from anywhere in the world in a snap. Putting you firmly in control of your business.
Happy oil marketters in East Africa using our service
Successful system transactions
Years of experience in the East African oil market sector
Countries of operations in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, Rwanda)

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